Create A Website

Things you need to do before you create a website are very varied if you want to line yourself up for success and these should be done when you plan to create a website because without these steps you will jump ahead and in the rush to get a site on-line it will cause you to either fail or make bad judgements related to things like,

  • Research keywords for your given topic to see if it has enough traffic or searches to bring that traffic.
  • Choose the domain name route you will go meaning will it be your brand or keyword rich domain.
  • What content management system will you use or will it be just plain html or php ?
  • What type of hosting is needed to get the website you are considering to make live on the internet ?

Do not worry now as I am going to put my knowledge to the test fully here and provide you a blueprint to get everything sorted without any headache at all and with the most options available to you from the start and lay it down as if you have never ever built a site or even know any html or php and you will not need any of it to start out.

So feel confident that you can start from scratch with no experience at all and in the following posts we will take you from no owning a website to building a website you can be proud of and start to get traffic and in some cases make some cash from your web site or start building a following or a list of leads for your given profession.

Now let me set you up with some tools we will need to go from start to finish so we can be already set up with certain accounts and software we will need to go step by step to complete everything I am going to be talking about so this will involve you creating accounts and downloading software and installing it to use later and if you have these already then just skip account creations or downloading the software again as it will not be necessary to duplicate what you already have and with that said let me start by asking how do you save passwords ??

If your answer is you do not save any logins then that will become a problem for you over time for security wise and may I suggest now that you look to download and install here is the website link and the download is below RoboForm and before you do any of the below because as you start to create accounts all over some may have different rules on creating passwords for security and that will just confuse you and not help at all because you will continue to reset them all the time so download roboform here (Direct link to the software) and start saving your logins as we go along and you can then make a choice if it is for you or you decide on a different password manager at least you will not have not headache now.

So now we are all set to create some accounts we will need and have the option to save logins.

Signup for,

A gmail email account if you have not got one already and you can do that here

Then after that sign up for a outlook or hotmail account and you can do that here

lets get a yahoo account now as well and you can get that here

The gmail one is the one we will use more out of all 3 as this will be connected to all Google Accounts.

Now a few tools as in software we need are,

One for moving file to your web host over ftp is filezilla which stands for (file transfer protocal) and you can download the software at their main site we go ahead and install this software if you have not got it already and lets move on.

You should be fine installing the filezilla software you downloaded but as we progress you may find that you have not got any software to open the downloaded software so we shall cover that now and their is a software called 7zip which will extract the files from the zipped folder which helps compress files and seals the folder for moving it around and you can find more information over at the 7 zip website or another software to deal with extracting files is WinZip a leading provider which is compatible with Mac as well and you can get a trial to even try this extraction tool out.

I have to be honest that I am not sure what are the alternative to the above but I will lay out what they do and give you the name of the process we are doing and you can search Google for different software as I am only speaking of software I have personally used myself.

Now this concludes the first part and once above is complete you can move on to the next step and do not feel you will get lost because when things get detailed I will be recording up to date videos so it will be a mix of instructions and demonstrations using video as well.


I will be writing this post very soon but until then I suggest doing research using keyword planner and a great place to start is on YouTube @Google ads channel or do a search for a domain name to see if it is still available.

You may like to play around with the keyword planner before I make my next post.
Click the image and login using Gmailkeyword-planner